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Is it possible to buy a printed version of the deck? Where?

Satu Miettinen

I used the SILK method deck in Cape Town, South Africa in a project that is developing home based health care for dibetes type 2 patients. We were participating the Athlone community members with community mapping card. Community members helped us to point physical sites that are involved in diabetes care. This gave us an understanding of both third and public service providers and about the physical area that is covered by different actions. We also used conversations cards to stimulate conversation of the different aspects of diabetes. We used incentives and disincentives tool to analyze the finding from different interviews. Timeline mapping was used to understand the different activies the patients are involved during the day. We also used touchpoint analysis to understand the health carers point of view. The workshop gave the initial insight to the context of diabetes two in the Athlone community. In the end we were able to point out main challanges for service development and on the other hand develop a couple of initial service solutions.

Kip Jones

This is a great idea, well executed and a treat that it is available here on line.
Well done to the team!

Sue Baker

Dear SILK Team,

Good work! I find your innovation cards a good source of ideas & inspiration.

I am working in local government, beginning a project to come up with an "ideas" kit for group and co-design workshops. This is to be used internally; at this point within my team, and possibly later across the Authority. I hope to refer to some ideas from your cards as "good practice" methods (acknowledging SILK/Engine, naturally).

Thanks and best wishes,

Sue (West Sussex)


Nice post here from redrollers who have used some Method Deck cards in Australia.


Interesting post about cards and their purpose in projects. SILK Method Deck mentioned as one of the card sets he will be doing a meta-analysis of.


How can I get a printed copy of the method deck?


If you're interested in buying a Method Deck just get in touch with us:

Fred Maupin

As i just bought an english version of it, i'd be ready to translate it into French, just wait for a sign.

David Plouffe

My Silk Method Cards have arrived - Yippee. The smell is like a new car. Looking forward to using them here in Calgary. I will share my experiences through this site and social media.

Thank you Silk team for these method cards


Hi Everyone Please share your experiences about HOW you are using the SILK Method Deck on #SILKMethodDeck @SILKteam Thankyou!

Hafeez Malik

Hi Silk team, we are a non-commercial library of toolkits, methods, frameworks, and models. We have pleasantly come to know your method deck and are delighted to feature it on our site. Hope to share more thoughts on this soon.

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